Puzzle Quest: Galactrix and the Spree

If there is one game for the Nintendo DS that is digital crack (for me at least), it is Puzzle Quest (also available for the PSP, Windows and as a download from Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network). It’s basically a light RPG with a Bejeweled/match 3 battle system, but it is damn addicting. Every now and then I get the itch and have to play through it again. I think I’ve gone through it 6 or 7 times now, maxing my character out at level 50 each time.

I’ve been excited ever since the “sequel” was announced. (Sequel is in quotes because it was initially under development independent from the Puzzle Quest title, and because the puzzle mechanic is more complicated than the original match-3 system.) Puzzle Quest: Galactrix looks to be just as addictive but with a lot more strategy, as the pieces are hexagons and can move in six directions instead of four. Additionally, it takes place in space and the lack of gravity affects the game board, so pieces don’t just fall down, they fall from the direction you made your move in. Definitely a lot more to think about this time around.

A demo was made available last week, and it seems to live up to my hype. I had minor issues on both my desktop and my laptop (which is one of the reasons I’m getting it for the DS), but it prompted me to pre-order it, so I guess that sums it up.

To top it off, I went on a bit of a spree (mostly with my SanDisk rebate card) at GoGamer.com. I got Final Fantasy 4 and 5 for the Game Boy Advance, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for the DS. I decided a while back that I wanted to play all the Final Fantasy games in order. Square/Enix had started releasing GBA (then DS) ports of the games, so I started there. I finished FF3 up last year, then played through Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (which I had started a few times but never quite finished).

Then I found out that Toys’R’Us had a great deal on Guitar Hero: World Tour ($50 off [$139 for the full bundle] with free shipping), which I’ve put off getting since we’re still having tons of fun with Rock Band/2, so I went ahead and got that too. Which reminds me, I need to go pre-order Guitar Hero: Metallica from GameStop so I get the free second bass pedal. (=

And, yes, I’m aware that I will have a plethora of plastic video game instruments. And I don’t care.

Then, to ease my pain, I got the latest Buckethead release, Slaughterhouse on the Prarie.

February is going to rule.

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