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Two October Nuggets

“Silly Sentences1 is a proud sponsor of Disney Junior!”2
– Andrew, 2012-10-30

“Mommy, I have a production push3. I am sending things to another company.”4
– Will, 2012-10-31

1. A card game they received for their birthday.
2. They are not.
3. He did not. (We’ve attempted to explain how Daddy sometimes has to work right after dinner doing production pushes… apparently at least some of it stuck.)
4. (While swinging around a glow stick in his room with the lights off.)

London 2012 Summer Olympics Photos

Here are 172 photos from our trip to the London 2012 Summer Olympics. We see the Olympic sights, witness 7 very different sports, party with the Gold Medal-winning USA Women’s Water Polo team and visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Some highlights below:

Melissa Seidemann and Bekki Tori, Alan, Jessie and Bekki in the Olympic Stadium

Melissa Seidemann's gold medal Tori, Bekki and Jessie outside the Water Polo Arena in Olympic Park Jennifer Suhr clears 4.55 meters on her first attempt at the London 2012 Olympics

Thailand's Pen-Ek Karaket kicks Egypt's Tamer Bayoumi (1) Norway celebrates a comeback 21-19 quarterfinal win over Brazil in Women's Handball (2)

USA's goalie Betsey Armstrong Lauren Wenger, Betsey Armstrong and Kelly Rulon celebrate gold

Russian Shot Putter Evgeniia Kolodko Celebrates 2 Italy vs. Brazil in Men's Volleyball (2) American Michael Tinsley celebrates his silver medal in the Men's 400m Hurdles 2

Tori and Jessie in front of the Olympic Stadium (2) Hungary's Women's Water Polo team

USA's Maggie Steffens, Elsie Windes, Jessica Steffens and Melissa Seidemann (1) Croatia's goalie Josip Pavic celebrates gold

2012 London Olympics Photo Teaser

Oh, hey there. Fancy seeing you around. It’s been a while.

I’ll be posting photos from our 2012 London Olympics trip (sans kids!) in the next few days, but I figured I’d throw up this panorama of the Olympic Stadium from row 9 in the meantime.

2012 Olympic Stadium Panorama from Row 9

[ Medium size here (4078 x 900) ] [ Big size here (7394 x 1632) ]