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Daily Funny

Short, but hilarious.

After the afternoon meal, Andy was sitting up in the Boppy (it was resting against the couch arm). Will was sitting on my lap facing Andy. Will was looking around the room, not really focusing on anything. Poor Andy would do a little 1/2 smile every time Will looked at him. I could tell that Andy was trying to make “contact,” but Will was having none of it.

Suddenly, Will burped. Andy just about jumped out of his skin and then started hysterically crying.

Poor kid, I was laughing so hard, Adam came running out of his office. And then he started laughing. Andy was so upset, it took forever to calm him down. Ah, kids. Scared for life. Forget college, we better start saving for therapy!

New Photo Monday

Here we are with yet another installment of photos. Included this time around are new toys, preppy polo shirts and bathtime.

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We’ve both been dipping our toes into the Twitter pool, so I’ve stuck up a widget in the sidebar that displays our tweets. If we get bored of it, I’ll remove it. (=

FYI, I used Yahoo Pipes to combine the separate RSS feeds into a single one for display here.

Swedish Meatballs

I struggle with what to do with the boys between their afternoon and evening feedings (roughly 3 pm and 6:15 pm). They need a small catnap, but they won’t do it in their cribs. The bouncy seats have lost all of their appeal, so sleep is a no go there. I’ve been trying to use that time for errands or walks, because the kidlets sleep a bit in the car or the stroller* and I get things done.

Yesterday we took a BIG trip down to Ikea. We’re on the brink of starting solids, and Ikea has a ton of cheap, plastic bowls and plates perfect for the babies. Plus it’s huge and indoors, big pluses in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Trip was good with a couple of exceptions–

1) I’m SO smart, I knew exactly where the baby goods were. Right in the Marketplace, so I don’t have to wander though acres of “Showrooms.” I can take the shortcuts, and get what I need. Until 20 minutes of searching go by and I finally ask where to find the stuff…..Oh, it’s in the Showrooms? Where I KNEW it wasn’t. And now I have to fight my way upstream with a double stroller on crowded Saturday? Epic Win there.

2) And due to the aforementioned detour, Will pretty much had had it up to here with being out an about as we made our way back through the Marketplace (items in hand thank goodness) to try and find the checkout. And so he was one loud, unhappy child working through the maze that is Ikea.

3) Although he quieted down after some stroller swivels, the line at the cafe was kind of long, and I wasn’t about to chance it. No Swedish snacks for me.

In spite of the harder parts, we did get what we needed AND MORE! Finger puppets, anyone? The cuteness abounds. And we got a ton of “Oh, cute, twins” comments. One mom said I was brave. I think I’m just stupid.

* And we have a new, ginormous stroller. I give you The Bob (not the one I took to Ikea, since long and narrow is far easier to deal with in stores. This baby is for off-roading!)

Splish Splash

One of the more annoying things about bathtime, well, the only annoying thing really, is figuring out what to do with the other one not being bathed. Nothing really holds their attention long enough, and even Baby Einstein isn’t always enough of a draw. Cranky babies are not easily entertained.

So, today, I tried to bathe them together. And it worked! Total win! Procedure as follows:
-Start the space heater to get the bathroom super warm
-Lay down towels on the floor
-Lay a towel in the bathtub
-Fill the tub with a couple inches of warmish water
-Babies go in side by side
-Washing commences
-A good rinse with the handheld shower head, as the tub is draining
-Babies are whisked out and wrapped in towels
-A good coating of Aquaphor, diapers and PJs and we’re done

Will loved it because he’s totally into kicking his legs right now, and I think he liked the splashing. Andy was a little more reserved (I think he’s suspicious by nature), but was smiling by the end. And I was super happy that it cut bathtime down by half. Because of this, I think we can finally use baths as part of the bedtime routine. The doctor suggested a daily water only bath, followed by loads of lotion would be good for their skin, but it was SO much work, I couldn’t bear to do it. Now, I think it’s possible.

The downside? The heavy, wet towel. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? I need to find some other sort of soft liner for the tub. Hopefully something that doesn’t absorb so much water–or at least is easier to dry. Maybe a giant ShamWow?


Apparently we’re raising the sort of boys who relish in horror movies and haunted houses. Their favorite game is something I call (because I’m so clever and witty) “I’m Coming To Get You!”

It involves them laying on their play mat, or on a blanket, and me standing over them. As I bend down, getting closer and closer, I repeat, in an increasingly excited and high pitched voice, “I’m coming to get you!” When I get close enough, I tickle them and laugh.

This NEVER fails to get them smiling. In fact, they get these cute wide-eyed smiles as soon as I start bending down. As I get closer, their little hands start waving around. And when I get to the tickle? They start rolling around and snorting like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

But today…, Andy laughed. An honest to goodness laugh. It was awesome. And then Will laughed, complete with a snort (Although it was with Adam playing the game), and it was doubly awesome.

Next thing you’ll know, they’ll be checking out the Killer Zombies Part 4 DVD, heading to the downstairs living room with sodas and chips and laughing their butts off at the poor cheerleader being chased through the woods. “Ha Ha, you bet they’re coming to get you!”

Cold Turkey

The boys are no longer being swaddled (except in dire circumstances, like a major freakout) as of this morning. Yesterday and today, I’ve found them magically out of the Miracle Blankets, and they’re basically wrapped around their necks. Kind of scary. So executive decision, no swaddles for sleeping.

They seem to be ok, but not totally contented while napping. I have no idea what the night will be like, but LOOK, it’s Friday, which means Adam can deal with any crazy wake up. Heh heh.

I have to put socks on Will’s hands. (skip this next bit if you’re squeemish) There was an episode of House a couple weeks ago where a woman had an itch on her head that would not go away, and she kept scratching ans scratching until she scratched right through her skull. Gross. Well, after Will had managed to get his hands free yesterday morning, that’s basically what he started to do. Poor thing was clawing at the side of his head and left some deep scratches. A little neosporine, and they look way better. But even with ultra short fingernails and a heavy coating of both hydrocortisone and Aquaphor, he was still itchy enough to do some damage. So now he’s suffering the indignity of wearing socks on his hands. Adam want to get little baby boxing gloves.

More Photos!

We may be slackers, but all is forgiven, because here are 24 new photos! Drop us a comment to let us know you’ve seen them so we know we don’t have to send out emails anymore…

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10 Pounds

No, not the name of a new Will Smith movie. That’s how much the boys have each grown (more or less) since they were born. We had our four month well-baby visit today (um, yeah, bad mom made the appointment a week and a half late. Oops), and the boys are following their growth curve VERY well. Andy clocked in at 15 lbs, 3 oz and 25.5 inches, while Will measured 17 lbs, 1.5 oz and 26.5 inches. Interestingly enough, apparently Andy’s head has caught up with Will, since they now both have the same head size. All is well, health wise, and the boys checked out perfect. They seem to be hitting most, if not all, of the developmental milestones which is great considering how early they were.

Poor things had a rough time with the shots, and have been both very cranky and very sleepy this afternoon. They literally slept right through their afternoon feed, and downed their whole bottles without even waking up!

No real answers to my naptime woes, other than that they’ll eventually get older and nap longer than 45 minutes. I’ve sort of relegated myself to this, and am trying not to dwell on the whole thing. We’ll see how long my new attitude lasts. I’m giving it about 14 hours from now when I’m trying to get them to nap again.

Big project for the weekend is to switch out their current clothes for the next size up. They still fit into a lot of the seperates, but the PJs are really tight. The boys, Will in particular, are just really long (75% and 90% each). We’re also visiting a friend to introduce the babies to her husband. He hasn’t had a lot of baby experience, and needs to get some ASAP, if you know what I mean.

Mission Accomplished

They slept apart, and apparently either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Andy was again sideways in his crib. That kid is a mover and a shaker.

Update, 10:10 am: I was trying to quiet them back down to sleep after ANOTHER 45 minute nap this morning. I left the room for less than 5 minutes to see if they would be quiet. They weren’t, so I went back in. Andy had managed to do an almost complete 180 in that short time. Motion activated camera anyone?