About The Lyon Pride

Just Who Are These Crazy Characters?

Adam is a telecommuting Sr. UI Engineer (AKA a Web Developer) who enjoys taking photos, driving his 350Z and all aspects of music.

Bekki is a stay-at-home mom with a background in coaching water polo and teaching.

William and Andrew are our twin boys, born 2008-10-25 (contact us for the address to send cash and prizes to).

Indy is our Miniature Schnauzer who likes walks in the park and fine wines Greenies.

The rest of the supporting characters you’ll have to figure out on your own. Consider it a challenge.

Why Am I Reading This Crazy Thing?

You’re likely either a family member or friend of Bekki and/or Adam. Perhaps you’re a creepy stalker. Maybe Google has led you astray once again (TODO: insert goatse link).

Regardless, we hope you enjoy our contrasting writing styles, peeks into our daily life and inane banter.

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