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Photos: Oahu 2013

We recently returned from the first family Hawaii trip with 90 photos on display. Will and Andrew ended up loving playing in the ocean, along with a pirate ship cruise, a visit to the Dole plantation, a wild sea turtle named Brutus and all kinds of family fun!

wPC050010.jpg wPC050016.jpg

wPC050020.jpg wPC080056.jpg

wIMG_5668.jpg wIMG_5510.jpg wIMG_5642.jpg

wIMG_5480.jpg wIMG_5725.jpg

wIMG_5664.jpg wIMG_5550.jpg

Photos: October 2013

October brought us birthday parties, treasure hunts, a Craven Farms visit, Halloween and 34 new photos for your perusal. Highlights include R2-Andrew and Will’s Sonic the Hedgehog costume, copious amounts of Legos, and Sonic and Tails birthday cakes.

Andrew is R2-D2 Will is Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Treasure Hunt 1

Matheiu, Will, Madeleine and Andrew ready for candy Group Shot 3 at Craven Farm

Will and Andrew with the built Lego City Police Station Birthday Treasure Hunt 3

Will's Sonic triple chocolate cake Andrew's Tails cherry cheesecake

Photos: Autumn Trip to California

Hot on the heels of our latest trip to California, we have 36 new photos for your viewing pleasure. Included: playing in the dirt and mud next to the hotel (with copious lens flares), the Castilleja 15 year reunion picnic, the Radian Water Polo reunion picnic and a trip to Happy Hollow.

Will with shells 2 Andrew flare 2 Andrew and Will riding the ladybugs at Happy Hollow

Castilleja 15 year reunion group photo Radian Water Polo reunion kids 1

Will, Andrew and Kate at the Castilleja 15 year reunion 1 Grandpa Allen chases Andrew with the snake

Andrew and Will riding the roller coaster at Happy Hollow 2 Andrew and Will with Nunan

Will and Andrew Take Ski Lessons – Video!

Will and Andrew have now taken a pair of two hour ski lessons up at Steven’s Pass. The first time, on Easter, they didn’t even get up the “magic carpet” onto the bunny slope. Last weekend they did much better.

Three more short clips:

Lil’ Bruisers

Lil' Bruisers

Will and Andrew are each sporting facial lacerations today. Will fell while running around at the park a few days ago and scratched up his nose and got a fat lip, and Andrew slipped while climbing up a slide and fell onto the stick he was carrying. Four year olds.

Here is a small batch of 9 photos, including their Octonauts goggles and disassembling and old computer.

Will and Andrew 1 Will and Andrew 2

Will and Andrew 4 Will and Andrew disassembling an old computer 2