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It’s a Photo Deluge!

Let’s keep the ball rolling here with some more shots I’ve posted recently that *gasp* don’t feature the boys, all found in my Flickr stream.


I FINALLY got around to processing some photos from the excellent Chase Jarvis Innerspace photo shoot from August 31st(!).

Processed 5-0 Ollie North 1


I also went on my first photostroll in a long time with the Seattle Flickr Meetup group to the Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle and ended up shooting mostly macros.

Shoe Break Rust 2


Lastly, while going through the photos from Christmas, I came across a throwaway lighting test shot that my step brother Kane was gracious enough to stand in for while I tweaked my settings. This particular shot induced me to mess around with some high pass filtering, I like the way it came out. Obviously a lot more “processed” than the majority of my photos, but a cool change of pace.

High Pass Kane


Man, I should really be spacing these posts out more, I’m going to paint myself into a corner with post interval expectations…

Photos from the Park

And now we’re caught up with the photos. (= We’ve had a beautiful week of sun, so clearly a trip to the park was in the cards. Here are 25 shots of the boys from Saturday.

Contact us directly for print versions.

Photo Backlog 2 — January

Here are 25 photos from January 2010, mostly of the dreaded first haircut (which went exceedingly smoothly, primarily due to the tub of cars and toys they were given to occupy themselves with, along with the fun airplane chair).

Contact us directly for print versions.

Photo Backlog 1 — Christmastime

I’m giving up not posting to this blog for Lent, or something. 😉 We have some new photos but obviously some backlog too, so I’ll get these out first. This batch of 44 photos is from December 19-25, 2009.

Contact us directly for print versions.