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Alaska Photos, Part 4 of 4

The final set of Alaksa photos are up, from the Arctic Circle add-on tour with Norm, Phyllis and Alan. (Yes, we ditched everyone else.) 162 photos are up in their own album, including Barrow, the Arctic Ocean, Deadhorse, the Dalton Highway, a wild bear, a moose and the best road sign ever created.

Here’s a good map of the Dalton Highway for reference.

Summer Photo Deluge

So apparently I haven’t posted any non-Alaska photos from July onwards, so here are 109 photos from this summer. A quick recap…

We hit Remlinger Farms a couple times and picked blueberries (home and away):

We played in the pirate ship, pool and bounce house in our backyard:

We got new bikes and went swimming:

We had an early birthday party in California:

And we saw our family:

Alaska Photos, Part 3 of 4

51 new photos from our glacier landing in Denali have been posted, starting on page 7.

New Lights!

After going back and forth for a very long time about upgrading to studio strobes, I finally pulled the trigger. I got:

Naturally I had to break them in, so I took a few self portraits and uploaded them to my semi-dormant Flickr account. Here are 2/3rds of them: me jumping around and a boring head shot.

New Strobes - Jumping New Strobes - Head Shot

(And, yes, I did in fact change out of my typical t-shirt into something slightly more respectable for these. 😉 )

Alaska Photos, Part 2 of 4

35 more photos have been added, starting on page 4. These photos span the trip from Seward to Anchorage, mostly of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Alaska Photos, Part 1 of 3 4

At long last, here is the first set of photos from our Alaska trip last month. These 45 photos cover the cruise portion of the trip. Requisite previews:

The rest of these won’t take 11 months to get up in their entirety, I promise. 😉

Japan Photos, Part the Last

Apparently I never posted the last couple days of the Japan trip, so here they are, before any Alaska pictures go up. (= 81 new photos, starting on page 16 brings us to 313 total. And as before, a big preview of one of my favorites:


PJs, Beaches and Playgrounds

At long last, here is a set of 16 new photos of the boys.

Easter Photos

32 photos from our two Easter parties (with some extras thrown in) have been posted.

Union Bay Natural Area Photostroll

I just uploaded 7 photos from today’s Seattle Flickr Meetup group photostroll to the Union Bay Natural Area… my first Flickr upload in over a year, apparently.

Doom Plant The Pollinator