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I Think This Means They’re Really Identical

Both Andrew and William had their first step(s) today. Andrew first, with one (but he pivoted 90 degrees while doing it, so that was cool). Then he did it again. And I guess Adam thought Will might feel left out, and was able to cajole him into taking three on his own. And then I realized maybe it was important to get it on video. Cue 15 different 4 second clips of the boys falling down. Awesome.

We did finally get Will to take about a step and half. It’s silly, but important to share.

Great Scott–School Already?!

Well, Adam and I are hotly debating whether our new toddler group can actually be called “school,” but it’s at least pretty close.

Today was our first day at Lake Washington Toddler Group and it went about as well as one could hope for. We were able to move A&W’s morning nap a little later, so the boys were very pleasant even though the class meets during their usual nap time. Lucky for me, no meltdowns until we were getting ready to leave. Class will usually include ample playtime in their HUGE play area (the “Circle of Fun” was an instant hit), some songs and snack time. Friends—the sight of 15 tiny babies (about 8-13 months) in little chairs was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I brought a messy snack, so I wasn’t able to snag a picture, but I will, I promise.

I was able to get a little video of A&W having a blast:

And also, just for kicks, here’s Will telling a story that amuses Andy quite a bit.

And while toddler group went well, I’m currently dealing with the fallout of having a short nap in the car. Not fun. I think it’s time to escape to the grocery store.

Photos — 10 Months!

28 new photos of the 10 month olds are up here. There are the usual shots and some from the front yard.