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First Birthday Photos!

31 birthday photos have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. In addition to the cake ravaging seen in the previously posted video, there’s also some shots of the boys in their Halloween costumes.

Disneyworld Photo Wrapup

67 new photos have been posted from our Disneyworld trip earlier this month. Lots of family made the trip: Grandma Kathy, Aunt Jessie, Grandma Deb, Grandpa Steve, Great-Grandma Joan and Great-Grandpa Jack. The boys rode their first rides, took their first dips in a pool and encountered their first furries. And maybe had a beer that weighed more than they did.

Contact us directly if you want print versions of any of these. They’re huge — uncropped, there are 1.4 billion pixels across these 67 photos!

Birthday Cakes!

The first birthday party went well, and the boys dug into their cakes… literally. (Andy moreso than Will, which will be further shown in upcoming photos.)

And a Month Later….

They’re actually walking walking, not just stepping! Loads of stories from the past month, including a grand tour of the most magical place in the world, but to keep it short today, two videos: