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Singing About Car Crashes

So, there’s a song about a fish/octopus/tuna/shark/whale where each creature is eaten by the next biggest one. The kids are less obsessed about fish than they are about things the have wheels, so I modified the words a bit.

A motorcycle, a motorcycle, driving down the freeway
A motorcycle, a motorcycle
Crash, crash, crash
Oh No, it’s been smooshed by a
Garbage truck….
18 Wheeler….Honk Honk, Pardon me!

There’s also hand gestures. Morbid I know, but they love it.

Anyway, Auntie Jessie and Tori taught the boys knuckles which they’ve taken a liking to. This is what happens when the two collide in a post-dinner show.

The Talented Mr. Andrew

Not that Will isn’t talented, it’s just that Andy has started doing all of these fun things as of late plus I got them on video, so he gets the entry.

Just Another Night at the Lyon House

There’s been a marked increase in wrestling behavior ’round these parts. I’m not quite sure what to do about it, but I figure filming it is a good first step. I particularly enjoy how polite Andrew is with his pleading.

What An EggStravaganza!

Cheesy title I know, and yes, the blog has been lacking in updates of the boys as of late. But, you guys (said in my whiniest voice), this twin thing is hard. I can barely put a sentence together, let alone compose a thoughtfully written post about the Amazing Wonder Twins.

So Easter was a busy weekend, and we have proof in the form of a 5 minute long video in which Will takes out a 3 year old at the Easter egg hunt, we visit the children’s museum and Andy goes positively psycho at Red Robin. Really—look at his eyes in the last clip, spooky! Also, please check out the mom snagging things for her kid at the egg hunt, a kid that was way older than Will and Andy. I pretty much promise you, if your kid can’t pick it up, they do not need it.

Anyway, it’s long and you have to listen to my voice way more than you should, but here ya go.

Awesome, Not Awesome

(Title is a tribute to one of my favorite radio shows, which was sadly canceled.)

The boys are officially 13 months old today, and here’s a little rundown of what is awesome….and not awesome.

Awesome: Walking, running, walking and eating, walking and drinking…these are some mobile kids.
Not Awesome: Still so unstable, they cannot be trusted anywhere. I joked with a friend that I will be shocked if we manage to get a picture without some sort of facial injury. Their little heads are magnets for corners and edges.

Awesome: The understand so much. I ask if they want dinner, and they come a running. If I ask if they want to go upstairs, they beeline for the door.
Not Awesome: It comes in waves, and I have to remind myself they won’t compute every little thing I ask.

Awesome: They’re figuring out how to play. We have this ball popper thing that shoots little balls up using a puff of air, and they now know to put the ball back in the tube. Or hammering little wooden balls into the box. Or even being able to play peek-a-boo back with you.
Not Awesome: The toy stealing is out of control. There’s a reason I never wanted to referee water polo games, it’s the least fun job. It’s lame to have to ref all day long, especially when the boys really don’t get it yet.

Awesome: There’s actual communication going on. Lots of pointing and babbling. They will both point at the dog and say “daw.” Will just started saying car and making a sign when he wants more of something. It’s so cool.
Not Awesome: At this point, it’s still pretty unhelpful They don’t really say mama or dada in the right context and they’re certainly not asking for what they really want, so there’s still a lot of frustration.

Here’s a video from the last month. Somewhere in the middle, they show off their most adorable move–the head rubbing to show affection. And make sure your sound is up, because the last 15 seconds are so fun.

And a Month Later….

They’re actually walking walking, not just stepping! Loads of stories from the past month, including a grand tour of the most magical place in the world, but to keep it short today, two videos:

I Think This Means They’re Really Identical

Both Andrew and William had their first step(s) today. Andrew first, with one (but he pivoted 90 degrees while doing it, so that was cool). Then he did it again. And I guess Adam thought Will might feel left out, and was able to cajole him into taking three on his own. And then I realized maybe it was important to get it on video. Cue 15 different 4 second clips of the boys falling down. Awesome.

We did finally get Will to take about a step and half. It’s silly, but important to share.

Great Scott–School Already?!

Well, Adam and I are hotly debating whether our new toddler group can actually be called “school,” but it’s at least pretty close.

Today was our first day at Lake Washington Toddler Group and it went about as well as one could hope for. We were able to move A&W’s morning nap a little later, so the boys were very pleasant even though the class meets during their usual nap time. Lucky for me, no meltdowns until we were getting ready to leave. Class will usually include ample playtime in their HUGE play area (the “Circle of Fun” was an instant hit), some songs and snack time. Friends—the sight of 15 tiny babies (about 8-13 months) in little chairs was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I brought a messy snack, so I wasn’t able to snag a picture, but I will, I promise.

I was able to get a little video of A&W having a blast:

And also, just for kicks, here’s Will telling a story that amuses Andy quite a bit.

And while toddler group went well, I’m currently dealing with the fallout of having a short nap in the car. Not fun. I think it’s time to escape to the grocery store.

Busy Bees

I swear, I have never had this many social events in my life. Ever. These boys have too many friends, which is nice because that means I have a ton of new friends. Just a little run down of the past week:

Busy, with a very capital B.

So Many Firsts, So Little Time

The past few days have been chock full of firsts!

  1. Will can sign for “more,” or at least I’m 99% sure that’s what he’s doing (As opposed to clapping or something). He gets a little insistent, but I do think he gets the idea! Now he needs to tell me what exactly he’d like to eat!
  2. We went to our first concert today! Recess Monkey (a local Seattle kids band) was playing nearby, and we went with our friends, the Stevensons. I think the boys really enjoyed themselves! Andy was jumping on Adam’s lap, and Will sort of clapped along. No fussiness (it happened to be at exactly the right time of day), and no freakouts from the loud music. Lots of fun!
  3. Andy took a few steps (shuffles really, but we’ll pretend) while holding onto the ledge in the playroom. I hope he does it again so I can catch it on video.
  4. Will drank from a straw this morning (we have some sippy cups with straws instead of spouts), Andy’s not quite there yet, but we’re working on it!
  5. The boys have been watching their first water polo games on TV. The USA women won the world championship, and the boys have seen a few minutes of the games for the past week.
  6. I realized I use far too many exclamation points! ! ! !

The last week has been HOT HOT HOT, getting to 108 on Wednesday. We are SO lucky to have a/c, I really don’t know what we’d do without it. The heat really put a hamper on our days, as I usually like to take the boys out for errands or adventures between 2-4. Although I could run the car at home to cool it down, I didn’t want to park it in a lot while we shopped just so it would start to heat up again. So our outings for two days were simply going to the drive-through Starbucks for some iced tea (which is what led to the experiments with straws!