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…And One Fell Out

No, no worries. No falling around here. It’s from a nursery rhyme that I was desperately trying to remember the words too, because what kind of stupid nursery rhyme would it be if the only words were:

There were ten in a bed and the little one said,
“Roll over, roll over.”
So they all rolled over and one fell out.

Except those ARE the only words. Well, I mean you keep repeating until you get down to one. I felt better that actually remembered the right ones, but again…what a stupid song. It makes no sense. Ten whats?

Anyway, a couple of “milestones,” one actually related. Andy is now a rolling machine and as of yesterday can roll from back to front as well as front to back. He looks quite proud of himself whilst doing it too. He hasn’t actually linked rolls together, but once he figures out he can move around doing that, I’m sure we’ll be in heaps of trouble.

Will is becoming a pro at the sippy cup. He can hold it and drink, for at least a minute or two, all on his own. Andy hasn’t had as much practice, as the sippy cup is the fun toy Will plays with while Andy takes his sweet time finishing his bottle.

Both are also sitting up, pretty much unassisted for short periods. If I put them on the changing pad (which has inclined edges), they both can sit and play with toys for a couple of minutes. The floor is a tad harder, because they sort of list to one side and then fall over. Until they get tired, and all they want to do is kick out, which sends them flying backwards. They’ve been testing my reflexes!

Their 6 month appointment is on Friday, so I’m looking forward to hearing the stats. I may have to be buying some pricey car seats sooner that I had hoped.


I took the boys to Babies R Us yesterday to pick up some things, namely diapers (Sorry Planet Earth, not such a good Earth Day present…). We walked thorough the clothing area on the way to check out, and walked right past the display of premie clothes. I did a double take as we passed by.

There is just no way, no way at all that these two boys ever fit into those little, tiny pajamas. And not only fit into them, actually swam in them, to the point where I questioned if the tag was even accurate. These two moose sized children who sit up and roll over and eat squash, that they were once so tiny, they fit in doll clothes, it makes my heart hurt a little. They were too small for their car seats and we had to prop them up with a probably unsafe number of hospital blankets. And now, they are dangerously close to needing big boy car seats—the ones that fit up to 65 pounds.

I was looking through the pictures from their first two weeks. I scarcely recognized them. They look so small, so fragile. Their faces seemed so, I don’t know, gaunt. Their skin looks thin and their fingers so tiny. And yet, they’re in there. I look closely, and it is their eyes, their noses, their little dimples. You can see what they have now become, they just needed to fill in, to stretch out.

But that scares me, because I look at them now, and I cannot see 6 more months down the road. It is totally beyond my imagination to think of them waving…..standing……talking. I know that little boys are hiding in these baby boys. I’m just having a hard time letting go of what they are now.

Weekend Wrapup

It’s been a week and the internet demands fresh content. First a couple random updates, then some book reviews. Because this is my blog, and “I do what I want!”

  1. I finally started drums on Guitar Hero: Metallica. Pretty fun, though my thumb threatens to blister every session now. Preventative taping will commence, but the hockey tape I have is kinda sticky on the outside too.
  2. The boys have branched out from squash to sweet potatoes and avocado. So far so good. And messy.
  3. Frickin’ Sharks.
  4. Still playing Unreal World, a wilderness survival rouge-like. Yes, I’m weird.
  5. Future Sailors by The Mighty Boosh. Too bad Adult Swim is butchering the episodes, and they started on season 3 for some reason.

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

I’ve been meaning to read this ever since the A&E miniseries came out last year. I DVR’d it and have been sitting on it for months. Well, I finally got around to it, and the verdict is: okay. I wasn’t aware that it was written in 1969, though that didn’t necessarily detract from it. Actually, I thought the science held up fairly well, 40 years on. It read smoothly and kept my interest, but here are my gripes:

  1. It seemed that a full third of the book was descriptions of scientific tests and the machines that ran them. It wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t exactly gripping, either.
  2. The ending was… anti-climactic. ‘Nuff said without spoilers.

Now I can finally watch the 4 hour miniseries and see what they did with it.

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

While poking around on that internet thing, I came across a message board thread where people were talking about which books had a profound influence on them as kids or teens. I noticed that A Wizard of Earthsea came up on many people’s lists, so I snagged it from the library. It is apparently an acclaimed novel and frequently compared to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Well, I was underwhelmed to say the least. The writing seemed flat and just not that interesting. The story itself was fine as a whole, but I guess I wasn’t hooked by her writing style. I will not be reading anything else by her voluntarily. I do not care what happens to Ged going forward.

Bonus Review: Just After Sunset by Stephen King

I finally finished this Christmas present recently as well. Some really good stories in this collection, I highly recommend it, if you like Stephen King’s style. Inlcuded is “N.”, which was made into a comic book and a downloadable narrated comic book-like video series. Overall a great read!

Saturday Photoshoot

The boys got their smiles on for y’all. 20 new shots over here.

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Mommy Abuse

We had a one piece PJ that was green, had a dino on it and said “Little Stompers.” For the past couple of weeks, this is our new nickname for Will. The kid kicks like crazy. It started in his crib. We had put them to bed and were sitting on the couch, when there was a huge thumping noise that literally shook the whole house. I thought something had fallen off a shelf or something, but it turns out it was just Will putting his feet up in the air and then slamming them down as hard as he could. Now it’s turned into more like a bicycle kick, one leg at a time. And when he really gets going, it looks like he’s dancing. Hopefully we’ll get video soon, because it’s hilarious.

We’ve had some just gorgeous weather here since Friday (although it’s turning to crap this afternoon), so I busted out a pair of shorts yesterday. It was kind of weird, I have like 3-5 little quarter size bruises on the inside of my ankle. What a weird place to get bruises?

Until I realized this morning that when I play with the kids on the play mat, or getting them lotioned up/dressed after a bath, the inside of my ankle is right in the strike path of Will’s little feet. And funny enough, the bruises aren’t actually the size of quarters, they’re the size of a 5.5 month old’s heels. I must be more careful around that one.

In other news, we attempted a visit to the zoo on Monday. Yeah….nice weather+spring break=100’s of people in line to get in. So, we bailed and hung out at Cathy’s house. Her kids were so very entertaining to the boys, especially when 2 year old Joey kept trying to give them things like a giant plastic carrot or a sippy cup. It was so cute, but I think he was kind of confused why Will and Andy weren’t very grateful.

Tuesday Photoday

16 new photos are up for your viewing pleasure. Only 3 of Andrew, since he was in a mood after his bath, but Will’s 2 best faces are in here.

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UW Photostroll

I snuck out yesterday for a photostroll at the University of Washington. Full set on my Flickr, sneak peaks below.

Suzzallo Reading Room Flower Macro 2

Cherry Light Arched


I’m not sure what kind of boys we’re raising around here. All I know is they use way more skin care products than I do! Of course, they don’t really have control over that, and frankly, they’re not huge fans of getting lotion rubbed on their face, but it’s a total necessity. Their skin thanks me.

Run down of the daily stuff:
1) Aquaphor–They get coated in it at least twice a day. It is a greasy mess, but it works. I think. I hope so, or else I’m washing a lot of sheets for no good reason.
2) Hydrocortisone cream–Will gets this 2-3 times a day in the trouble spots (arms, legs and scalp), Andy only gets it on his scalp
3) A&D ointment–This is diaper rash stuff. Dry skin=sensitive skin. Not fun.
4) Calendula Cream–Newest (and I’ll mention $$$) product. Smells very spa like, and so far seems to be helping the scalp in particular. NOT a greasy mess, so win there.

Other stuff:
1) Cetaphil–Good cleanser for sensitive skin, and actually helps moisturize if you don’t rinse it off. Which is a GREAT call when you’re giving two babies a bath at the same time. Face and necks get this every day, the rest a couple times a week.
2) Lanolin–When they get chapped lips, this stuff is wonderful. Does not smell good, and it’s super sticky, which means I’m glad it’s not an every day product.
3) Aveda Eczema wash–Once a week, to make a bubble bath.

I guess all I can be thankful for is they’re not old enough for Axe body spray. That might just put me over the edge.

Random Musings 2009-04-03

A number of quickies, since we haven’t posted in a while.

  1. Our last-minute trip to the Bay Area went pretty well. The flights weren’t too bad, aside from sore arms from holding babies. The boys are sleeping much better now that we’re back home, though. They picked up the sniffles along the way as well.
  2. Andrew’s Law: The moment you realize there is not a burp cloth nearby is the moment that he will decide to throw up. Exhibit A: My still-wet shirt sleeve.
  3. Guitar Hero: Metallica, which I pre-ordered in February, showed up on Tuesday. I’m about 33% through it on guitar (on expert, naturally). Two thumbs up so far. We’ll see how the drums go.
  4. Taco Nachos at Jack in the Box are just that — two tacos cut up with nacho cheese and jalepenos on a bed of lettuce. They deliver what they promise. Add two regular tacos and some mini churros and you’re good to go!
  5. The server knows what time it is, but either WordPress or PHP thinks it’s an hour earlier. Hooray for DST. I will have to look into that. (=
  6. The Prodigy AND The Crystal Method in concert on May 30th? Awesome!