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Busy Bees

I swear, I have never had this many social events in my life. Ever. These boys have too many friends, which is nice because that means I have a ton of new friends. Just a little run down of the past week:

Busy, with a very capital B.

A Measly 8 New Photos

The title of this post says it all. Full set available here.

In other news, Bekki’s new laptop arrived and is doing just dandy. My short trip to Vancouver, BC went well enough. Baby BBQ at the park yesterday also went well.

Amazing Super Powers

I came across a great webcomic today (via Bad Astronomy), and the following comic not only deserves a link, but is relevant! (=

Note that all the comics have mouseover text (like xkcd) AND a bonus comic hidden just to the upper right of the strip! Some of these are better than the main comics themselves, like this one:

Another Photo Monday

Your weekly dose of photos have been posted, 10 this time around. Just your typical downstairs playroom shenanigans. (=

So Many Firsts, So Little Time

The past few days have been chock full of firsts!

  1. Will can sign for “more,” or at least I’m 99% sure that’s what he’s doing (As opposed to clapping or something). He gets a little insistent, but I do think he gets the idea! Now he needs to tell me what exactly he’d like to eat!
  2. We went to our first concert today! Recess Monkey (a local Seattle kids band) was playing nearby, and we went with our friends, the Stevensons. I think the boys really enjoyed themselves! Andy was jumping on Adam’s lap, and Will sort of clapped along. No fussiness (it happened to be at exactly the right time of day), and no freakouts from the loud music. Lots of fun!
  3. Andy took a few steps (shuffles really, but we’ll pretend) while holding onto the ledge in the playroom. I hope he does it again so I can catch it on video.
  4. Will drank from a straw this morning (we have some sippy cups with straws instead of spouts), Andy’s not quite there yet, but we’re working on it!
  5. The boys have been watching their first water polo games on TV. The USA women won the world championship, and the boys have seen a few minutes of the games for the past week.
  6. I realized I use far too many exclamation points! ! ! !

The last week has been HOT HOT HOT, getting to 108 on Wednesday. We are SO lucky to have a/c, I really don’t know what we’d do without it. The heat really put a hamper on our days, as I usually like to take the boys out for errands or adventures between 2-4. Although I could run the car at home to cool it down, I didn’t want to park it in a lot while we shopped just so it would start to heat up again. So our outings for two days were simply going to the drive-through Starbucks for some iced tea (which is what led to the experiments with straws!