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Will and Andrew Take Ski Lessons – Video!

Will and Andrew have now taken a pair of two hour ski lessons up at Steven’s Pass. The first time, on Easter, they didn’t even get up the “magic carpet” onto the bunny slope. Last weekend they did much better.

Three more short clips:

Singing About Car Crashes

So, there’s a song about a fish/octopus/tuna/shark/whale where each creature is eaten by the next biggest one. The kids are less obsessed about fish than they are about things the have wheels, so I modified the words a bit.

A motorcycle, a motorcycle, driving down the freeway
A motorcycle, a motorcycle
Crash, crash, crash
Oh No, it’s been smooshed by a
Garbage truck….
18 Wheeler….Honk Honk, Pardon me!

There’s also hand gestures. Morbid I know, but they love it.

Anyway, Auntie Jessie and Tori taught the boys knuckles which they’ve taken a liking to. This is what happens when the two collide in a post-dinner show.

The Talented Mr. Andrew

Not that Will isn’t talented, it’s just that Andy has started doing all of these fun things as of late plus I got them on video, so he gets the entry.

Just Another Night at the Lyon House

There’s been a marked increase in wrestling behavior ’round these parts. I’m not quite sure what to do about it, but I figure filming it is a good first step. I particularly enjoy how polite Andrew is with his pleading.

Video Catchup

Bekki posted two videos that didn’t end up here, so here they are if you missed them.

Pre-Bed Energy Burn – June 12 2010

Disney World Wrap Up – April 2010

Birthday Cakes!

The first birthday party went well, and the boys dug into their cakes… literally. (Andy moreso than Will, which will be further shown in upcoming photos.)

And a Month Later….

They’re actually walking walking, not just stepping! Loads of stories from the past month, including a grand tour of the most magical place in the world, but to keep it short today, two videos:

Great Scott–School Already?!

Well, Adam and I are hotly debating whether our new toddler group can actually be called “school,” but it’s at least pretty close.

Today was our first day at Lake Washington Toddler Group and it went about as well as one could hope for. We were able to move A&W’s morning nap a little later, so the boys were very pleasant even though the class meets during their usual nap time. Lucky for me, no meltdowns until we were getting ready to leave. Class will usually include ample playtime in their HUGE play area (the “Circle of Fun” was an instant hit), some songs and snack time. Friends—the sight of 15 tiny babies (about 8-13 months) in little chairs was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I brought a messy snack, so I wasn’t able to snag a picture, but I will, I promise.

I was able to get a little video of A&W having a blast:

And also, just for kicks, here’s Will telling a story that amuses Andy quite a bit.

And while toddler group went well, I’m currently dealing with the fallout of having a short nap in the car. Not fun. I think it’s time to escape to the grocery store.

Live Video Coverage — 9 Months!

A couple quick videos made in the past few days. It’s hard to believe the boys are 9 months old already.

First, twins provide all sorts of entertainment. From the early forms of wrestling to the double attack, it’s always fun!

Next, Andrew makes his way around the playroom.

Hazard Pay

The babies are mobile and dangerous. Not only are they a danger to themselves, what with the falling over and constantly banging their heads on any number of hard surfaces, I am COVERED in bruises. Apparently I am seen as an excellent indoor climbing structure. They spend a fair amount of time nowadays perched on their knees and clinging to something to keep them upright. My forearm is a favorite, though there are lots of things that work in the playroom.

Crawling is no longer a fun new activity. No, these boys, and Will in particular, are daredevils. Every playtime becomes an excercise in finding something to climb on top of, and more often than not, fall off of.  Will demonstrates this fascinating aspect of baby psychology below.

Also, tooth count, Andy has 4.5 (the 1/2 is an upper that’s taking a bit to come all the way through), Will is at 4. They are still drooling so much, I’m surprised we don’t have dehydration issues. Seriously, 24+ bibs, and we go through them in about 4 days. Do ShamWows come in bib form?