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Japan Photos, Part 3

I’ve posted 52 new photos from our day at Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland to the Japan gallery, along with 8 more backfilled photos from the point and shoot. They are sorted by capture time so you’ll have to dig through the existing 6 pages to find them; umm… it’s a game! The Disney day photos start on page 6.

Photos: Flurry Fun

We got some fat flurries yesterday, so we bundled the boys up in their new boots, jackets and gloves and moseyed outside for a spell. A dozen photos have been posted for your viewing pleasure.

Birthday and Halloween Photos

33 new photos from Will and Andy’s birthday party and Halloween have been posted for your enjoyment.

July Photo Backlog

As usual I’m lazy, so here are 35 photos from July, including a trip to Happy Hollow with the grandparents, the boys munching on corn and the new and improved deck with water table.

Photos: Autumn Toddler Mayhem

The whole crew met up at Craven Farm on a cloudy October morning for pumpkins, tractors and birthdays. Also included is Will riding his bike and Andy vs. the wall last night (spoiler: the wall won).

Here is the full set of 20 photos, highlights below.

Singing About Car Crashes

So, there’s a song about a fish/octopus/tuna/shark/whale where each creature is eaten by the next biggest one. The kids are less obsessed about fish than they are about things the have wheels, so I modified the words a bit.

A motorcycle, a motorcycle, driving down the freeway
A motorcycle, a motorcycle
Crash, crash, crash
Oh No, it’s been smooshed by a
Garbage truck….
18 Wheeler….Honk Honk, Pardon me!

There’s also hand gestures. Morbid I know, but they love it.

Anyway, Auntie Jessie and Tori taught the boys knuckles which they’ve taken a liking to. This is what happens when the two collide in a post-dinner show.

Japan Photos, Part 2

33 more photos from our Japan trip have been added to the photo gallery. Day 3 was a busy day, hitting the fish market in the morning, going to a sumo tournament and the Edo-Tokyo Museum next door, a trip to Harajuku then back to Roppongi for dinner with friends. This batch starts on page 3. Stay tuned for more…

Japan Photos, Part 1

Instead of going through the somewhat tedious process of working through the hundreds of photos from Japan then posting them, I’ll be uploading them in chunks instead for a change. There’s a short trip diary in the works as well.

This first batch covers the first two days including our hotel The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, the ugliest turtle in the world, Akihabara by day and the second night’s fantastic paddle restaurant.

Here are the first 41 photos, which we’ll append future uploads to. And the requisite teasers:

Gaming Addendum

Bekki not-so-subtly reminded me that I missed a game in yesterday’s post.

We’ve been playing LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 on the Wii, we’re up to year 4. There’s been a smattering of New Super Mario Bros Wii in there as well, but Bekki claims her platforming skills aren’t up to snuff, so it’s been mostly Harry Potter. (=

August Gaming Roundup

A non-toddler related post for a change. (=

Carnage Blender — This is a free web-based, non-graphical strategy PvP fighting RPGish sort of game. Not a MUD or a MOO for you old schoolers, basically just the fighting and character management (items, training) aspects of RPGs without the questing etc. I played the previous incarnation of it for a while back in 2003 and recently stumbled across it again. Let me know if you join, as there’s a pretty steep learning curve. Not for everyone, but it’s fun if you get into it. It’s got a great community around it, albiet considerably smaller than it was back in the day (primarily due to the lack of pretty graphics and aforementioned learning curve). And, blasphemy of blasphemies, the chat and forums there are PG-only, so there is far less retardedness than your typical online game.

Borderlands — Grabbed this a while ago on super sale on Steam and have been enjoying it thoroughly. It’s basically Diablo in FPS form. On Playthrough 2 with my level 48 hunter currently. Next up will probably be Fallout 3 if I can catch it on sale again; I spaced and missed it a couple weeks ago.

Puzzle Quest 2 — Recently picked this up for the DS (it’s out on Steam now too), rivals the original for the best of this genre of game. The integration of different puzzle types is much better in this one, but it’s missing a few things that were nice in the first one too. It blows Galactrix out of the water, but that wasn’t too hard to do.

Everyday Genius: SqaureLogic — Another Steam purchase, a fun little logic game, sudoku-esque but with a lot of variety as well. Not cheap at $15 but the demo hooked me and I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes — I started this a while back but Puzzle Quest 2 has taken over the DS as of late. An interesting twist on the match-3 puzzle RPG genre. A little tedious at times but overall pretty fun. One of these days I’ll finish it; I’m right near the end.