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Japan Photos, Part the Last

Apparently I never posted the last couple days of the Japan trip, so here they are, before any Alaska pictures go up. (= 81 new photos, starting on page 16 brings us to 313 total. And as before, a big preview of one of my favorites:


Japan Photos, Part 5

Now that I’ve kept you in suspense long enough, here are 60 new photos from our Japan trip (bringing the total to 233 posted photos thus far). Day 6 featured a walking tour of Kyoto and a fantastic traditional dinner back in Osaka. This time, we start on page 12. Requisite highlights:

Japan Photos, Part 4

I’ve posted 40 new photos from our Japan trip, but first here’s this bad boy:


Osaka Skyline


Day 5 included riding the bullet train to Osaka, going to the Osaka Aquarium, then a night out in Dotonbori. As before, the new photos are appended in the same gallery, starting on page 9 this time.

And yes, that is Tommy Lee Jones.

Japan Photos, Part 3

I’ve posted 52 new photos from our day at Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland to the Japan gallery, along with 8 more backfilled photos from the point and shoot. They are sorted by capture time so you’ll have to dig through the existing 6 pages to find them; umm… it’s a game! The Disney day photos start on page 6.

Japan Photos, Part 2

33 more photos from our Japan trip have been added to the photo gallery. Day 3 was a busy day, hitting the fish market in the morning, going to a sumo tournament and the Edo-Tokyo Museum next door, a trip to Harajuku then back to Roppongi for dinner with friends. This batch starts on page 3. Stay tuned for more…

Japan Photos, Part 1

Instead of going through the somewhat tedious process of working through the hundreds of photos from Japan then posting them, I’ll be uploading them in chunks instead for a change. There’s a short trip diary in the works as well.

This first batch covers the first two days including our hotel The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, the ugliest turtle in the world, Akihabara by day and the second night’s fantastic paddle restaurant.

Here are the first 41 photos, which we’ll append future uploads to. And the requisite teasers: