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Things I Saw Tonight

Here is a quick list of things I saw at and after the Prodigy/Crystal Method show tonight:

Tuesday Twin Photos

It’s been three weeks from the last set of photos, I know you’re all clamouring for more… So here are 26 new photos of the boys, including their great-grandparents, swinging at the park and eating watermelon.

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Luckily They Have A Short Attention Span

So, our big cross-country journey sans small boys went off without a hitch. The boys stayed perfectly on schedule and were spoiled with attention from grandma and great-grandparents. This morning, I left them playing on the floor while I made their breakfast and I got a look like “Where do you think you’re going missy?” Sorry buds, you’re on your own now.

The thing I was most worried about was either them totally being confused why we were suddenly not there anymore or completly forgetting who we were. I know, how can I be worred about both things happening–they’re total opposites, but that’s how I roll. Worrywart central. However, a good friend said “They won’t know how much they missed you until you get back,” and I think those were wise and true words.

A few newsworthy developments:

1) The lower right incisor is both visible and very sharp in both boys.

2) We set a new record in bib usage yesterday–12. That’s pretty darn impressive when their mouths are oh so small.

3) We actually made it into the zoo, instead of just the parking lot. The boys couldn’t give a fig about the animals (although that may have had more to do with the fact they couldn’t see many of them), but we stayed about 2.5 hours with no major meltdowns. Andy demanded a ride in the Ergo carrier, and both fell asleep as we walked out.  I bought us a membership, so I guess we’re going back.

4) Adam and I indulged our inner Gil Grissom (from CSI) and did a DNA test on the boys.  The number one question that I get is if they’re identical, and it was always weird to say “Well, we don’t know,” which then turns into a long conversation about how twins appear. Well, now I can just say identical and be done with it. Hooray.  And this again proves I am consistently a winner in the medical lottery. Nothing is never “normal” for me!

“I Claim This Mouth in the Name of Incisor”

Ok, ok, I know. I said they were teething, like, I don’t know, two months ago. And still no teeth. However, two days ago, one broke ground in Andy’s mouth. And when I say “broke ground,” that’s exactly what I mean. There’s like a little crevasse that feels wicked sharp when you rub his gums, but I can’t see an actual tooth. That may have more to do with the fact that the boys love to stick their tongues out, and looking at their lower gums is pretty much impossible. I hope that little tooth pops out soon, because hell hath no fury like a teething infant. Or two.

Also, we have a long list of things the boys love:
1) Food. Most food. Especially foods mixed together (like peaches and avocado)
2) Toys that make noise. Especially the  Oball Rattle.  They fight over that one. Full on tug of war, if you can believe it
3) Feet. Their own feet in particular, but brother’s feet work almost as well. Feet that have little animals on them are most appealing. See Also: Pulling socks off feet
4) Drooling. Well, I assume they like it because they do it constantly. We’re talking 4 bibs a day, and that doesn’t include the sheet changes at nap time
5) Pulling mom’s hair
6) Drooling in mom’s hair, or if she’s not careful, drooling in mom’s eye
7) Flying. See above
8) Rowing a boat, gently and in a stream. They don’t go very far, but it’s a good workout
9) Party in My Tummy (Watch at your own risk. The boys haven’t actually seen this, but they love the song. Banana wants to go to the party in their tummies, but not so much applesauce).
10) Looking wildly around for something to stick in their mouth, but then acting surprised that it’s there

As you can see, 6 month olds are complex and misunderstood creatures. Or something.

Saturday Photoday

To make up for the lack of posted photos recently, we’ve stuck 40 photos up from between April 11th and today. Included are three separate solid feedings, some random stuff and a short-lived “real” photo shoot from today.

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4488 Hours Old

We had our 6 month appointment today (a week late, but whatever). Babies are in fine shape and hitting all of their milestones right on time. Shots were fast and only elicited a 10 second cry. We gave them a little Tylenol before leaving, so between the fact they’re drugged and the appointment was right when they should have been napping, they are now totally conked out.


Andy–17 lbs 15 oz (50-75%) and 26.75 inches (50-75%) and incidentally has one of the roundest heads the doctor has ever seen. His head size is 45 cm (75-90%)

Will–19 lbs 4.5 oz (75-90%) and 27.5 inches (75-90%). Head size is 45.2 cm (75-90%)

Adam asked if they were eating a lot and developed a pig nose, if that meant they had caught the swine flu. The doctor laughed. But it sounds like the general population has lost it’s mind, and the the doctor says they’ve been just overrun with freaked out parents, and the hospital keeps sending emails to the various offices, pleading them to NOT send any more patients to the emergency room. I’m constantly reminded how much the 24 news stations are possibly ruining this country.