Snapshot, 1:33 AM — It’s Snowing Again

The boys are winding down in their bouncy seats after their middle of the night feeding. We’re listening to Genesis quietly (through the PS3 media server connected to my desktop). I fed them a little later than usual, but only by a bit. Anytime between 12:15 and 1AM is normal.

They’re being pretty vocal right now, cooing and such. I’m just watching for yawns, the cue to swaddle them and put them back in their crib. I haven’t really had any issues getting them back to sleep after the late night feeding for the last week or so. We’ll see if it keeps up. (=

The sprinkles that started earlier turned into sleet, and now it’s snowing. Again. It’s pretty light right now, but appears to be sticking. We’ll see if it’s still here in the morning or not. I still find it a bit novel, living where it snows occasionally.

I’m off to swaddle them then read and snack for a bit before going to bed.

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