Snapshot, 4:31 PM

Will is finally happy in the new exersaucer. Up until today, his legs have not been long enough to touch the bottom, nor is he round enough to fill up the seat. Although neither of those things has changed, another mom clued me into draping his arms over the front. It worked very well, and he sits, longing to grab the toys around him, but not yet coordinated to do so.

Andy is on my lap, facing his brother. I still can’t tell if they’re aware of each other or not. While they can be coerced into smiling at us, they’ve yet to smile at each other. I’m sure that day isn’t too far. But I still have them look at each other a lot to try and encourage it. Andy is happy on my lap and totally not happy when I try to put him on his tummy. Apparently he’s not in the mood for that type of exertion.

We had a fun time at our PEPS meeting today, although I looked like an idiot, complaining about their crappy naps of late, while they both slept through most of the 2.5 hours. Yeah, the carseat is often a nap enducer, but put those kids in the crib and it’s 45 minute tops. Apparently it’s some sort of developmental thing, dropping their blissful 2 hour naps down to much shorter ones in this 3-6 month period. Just becuase it’s normal, doesn’t make it any more fun to deal with.

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  1. Idoia - March 9, 2009

    Our girls will not sleep longer than 45 minutes in their cribs, but put them in the swing and they’re in heaven for hours at a time. We do force them to do one nap in the crib because eventually, I swear, we will move them into their own room at night!

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