I’m not sure what kind of boys we’re raising around here. All I know is they use way more skin care products than I do! Of course, they don’t really have control over that, and frankly, they’re not huge fans of getting lotion rubbed on their face, but it’s a total necessity. Their skin thanks me.

Run down of the daily stuff:
1) Aquaphor–They get coated in it at least twice a day. It is a greasy mess, but it works. I think. I hope so, or else I’m washing a lot of sheets for no good reason.
2) Hydrocortisone cream–Will gets this 2-3 times a day in the trouble spots (arms, legs and scalp), Andy only gets it on his scalp
3) A&D ointment–This is diaper rash stuff. Dry skin=sensitive skin. Not fun.
4) Calendula Cream–Newest (and I’ll mention $$$) product. Smells very spa like, and so far seems to be helping the scalp in particular. NOT a greasy mess, so win there.

Other stuff:
1) Cetaphil–Good cleanser for sensitive skin, and actually helps moisturize if you don’t rinse it off. Which is a GREAT call when you’re giving two babies a bath at the same time. Face and necks get this every day, the rest a couple times a week.
2) Lanolin–When they get chapped lips, this stuff is wonderful. Does not smell good, and it’s super sticky, which means I’m glad it’s not an every day product.
3) Aveda Eczema wash–Once a week, to make a bubble bath.

I guess all I can be thankful for is they’re not old enough for Axe body spray. That might just put me over the edge.

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  1. Idoia - April 26, 2009

    Okay, I just discovered that Elise has eczema and TriDerma Baby is incredible. Seriously. Non-cortisone too. I reviewed it here (giveaway through tomorrow if you want to enter, but available at BRU otherwise):

    Not greasy AT ALL.

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