Mommy Abuse

We had a one piece PJ that was green, had a dino on it and said “Little Stompers.” For the past couple of weeks, this is our new nickname for Will. The kid kicks like crazy. It started in his crib. We had put them to bed and were sitting on the couch, when there was a huge thumping noise that literally shook the whole house. I thought something had fallen off a shelf or something, but it turns out it was just Will putting his feet up in the air and then slamming them down as hard as he could. Now it’s turned into more like a bicycle kick, one leg at a time. And when he really gets going, it looks like he’s dancing. Hopefully we’ll get video soon, because it’s hilarious.

We’ve had some just gorgeous weather here since Friday (although it’s turning to crap this afternoon), so I busted out a pair of shorts yesterday. It was kind of weird, I have like 3-5 little quarter size bruises on the inside of my ankle. What a weird place to get bruises?

Until I realized this morning that when I play with the kids on the play mat, or getting them lotioned up/dressed after a bath, the inside of my ankle is right in the strike path of Will’s little feet. And funny enough, the bruises aren’t actually the size of quarters, they’re the size of a 5.5 month old’s heels. I must be more careful around that one.

In other news, we attempted a visit to the zoo on Monday. Yeah….nice weather+spring break=100’s of people in line to get in. So, we bailed and hung out at Cathy’s house. Her kids were so very entertaining to the boys, especially when 2 year old Joey kept trying to give them things like a giant plastic carrot or a sippy cup. It was so cute, but I think he was kind of confused why Will and Andy weren’t very grateful.

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