“I Claim This Mouth in the Name of Incisor”

Ok, ok, I know. I said they were teething, like, I don’t know, two months ago. And still no teeth. However, two days ago, one broke ground in Andy’s mouth. And when I say “broke ground,” that’s exactly what I mean. There’s like a little crevasse that feels wicked sharp when you rub his gums, but I can’t see an actual tooth. That may have more to do with the fact that the boys love to stick their tongues out, and looking at their lower gums is pretty much impossible. I hope that little tooth pops out soon, because hell hath no fury like a teething infant. Or two.

Also, we have a long list of things the boys love:
1) Food. Most food. Especially foods mixed together (like peaches and avocado)
2) Toys that make noise. Especially the  Oball Rattle.  They fight over that one. Full on tug of war, if you can believe it
3) Feet. Their own feet in particular, but brother’s feet work almost as well. Feet that have little animals on them are most appealing. See Also: Pulling socks off feet
4) Drooling. Well, I assume they like it because they do it constantly. We’re talking 4 bibs a day, and that doesn’t include the sheet changes at nap time
5) Pulling mom’s hair
6) Drooling in mom’s hair, or if she’s not careful, drooling in mom’s eye
7) Flying. See above
8) Rowing a boat, gently and in a stream. They don’t go very far, but it’s a good workout
9) Party in My Tummy (Watch at your own risk. The boys haven’t actually seen this, but they love the song. Banana wants to go to the party in their tummies, but not so much applesauce).
10) Looking wildly around for something to stick in their mouth, but then acting surprised that it’s there

As you can see, 6 month olds are complex and misunderstood creatures. Or something.

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  1. adam - May 12, 2009


  2. Idoia - May 23, 2009

    Okay, weird! The girls were OBSESSED with sticking their tongues out right before their teeth broke ground too. Now? No tongues. It’s very strange.

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