Awesome, Not Awesome

(Title is a tribute to one of my favorite radio shows, which was sadly canceled.)

The boys are officially 13 months old today, and here’s a little rundown of what is awesome….and not awesome.

Awesome: Walking, running, walking and eating, walking and drinking…these are some mobile kids.
Not Awesome: Still so unstable, they cannot be trusted anywhere. I joked with a friend that I will be shocked if we manage to get a picture without some sort of facial injury. Their little heads are magnets for corners and edges.

Awesome: The understand so much. I ask if they want dinner, and they come a running. If I ask if they want to go upstairs, they beeline for the door.
Not Awesome: It comes in waves, and I have to remind myself they won’t compute every little thing I ask.

Awesome: They’re figuring out how to play. We have this ball popper thing that shoots little balls up using a puff of air, and they now know to put the ball back in the tube. Or hammering little wooden balls into the box. Or even being able to play peek-a-boo back with you.
Not Awesome: The toy stealing is out of control. There’s a reason I never wanted to referee water polo games, it’s the least fun job. It’s lame to have to ref all day long, especially when the boys really don’t get it yet.

Awesome: There’s actual communication going on. Lots of pointing and babbling. They will both point at the dog and say “daw.” Will just started saying car and making a sign when he wants more of something. It’s so cool.
Not Awesome: At this point, it’s still pretty unhelpful They don’t really say mama or dada in the right context and they’re certainly not asking for what they really want, so there’s still a lot of frustration.

Here’s a video from the last month. Somewhere in the middle, they show off their most adorable move–the head rubbing to show affection. And make sure your sound is up, because the last 15 seconds are so fun.

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  1. Two Makes Four - November 26, 2009

    Haven’t been by in a while…I can’t get over how wonderful the boys are doing! Look at them go! And happy (very belated) birthday. Looks like the cakes went over well :)

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