Mister Muhmelman

A few days ago we were listening to one of the music stations on the TV in the playroom (Throwback Jamz probably; there’s a bunch I scan through, though Classic Alternative is usually a good place to park it), and “People Everyday” came on. The kids often ask “What’s the name of this song? Who sings it? What’s the name of this song? What band is it? Who sings it?” Sometimes I tell them preemptively.

Me: This song is by Arrested Development.

(One minute passes as they continue playing…)

Will: Is Mister Muhmelman a bad guy?

It took me a few moments to realize that “Mister Muh-mel-man” was the crazy three year old interpretation/bastardization of “Arrested Development.”

(They are somewhat obsessed with bad guys who make bad choices as of late.)

And for the record, no, Mister Muhmelman is not a bad guy.

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