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Photos: Flurry Fun

We got some fat flurries yesterday, so we bundled the boys up in their new boots, jackets and gloves and moseyed outside for a spell. A dozen photos have been posted for your viewing pleasure.

Birthday and Halloween Photos

33 new photos from Will and Andy’s birthday party and Halloween have been posted for your enjoyment.

July Photo Backlog

As usual I’m lazy, so here are 35 photos from July, including a trip to Happy Hollow with the grandparents, the boys munching on corn and the new and improved deck with water table.

Photos: Autumn Toddler Mayhem

The whole crew met up at Craven Farm on a cloudy October morning for pumpkins, tractors and birthdays. Also included is Will riding his bike and Andy vs. the wall last night (spoiler: the wall won).

Here is the full set of 20 photos, highlights below.

Singing About Car Crashes

So, there’s a song about a fish/octopus/tuna/shark/whale where each creature is eaten by the next biggest one. The kids are less obsessed about fish than they are about things the have wheels, so I modified the words a bit.

A motorcycle, a motorcycle, driving down the freeway
A motorcycle, a motorcycle
Crash, crash, crash
Oh No, it’s been smooshed by a
Garbage truck….
18 Wheeler….Honk Honk, Pardon me!

There’s also hand gestures. Morbid I know, but they love it.

Anyway, Auntie Jessie and Tori taught the boys knuckles which they’ve taken a liking to. This is what happens when the two collide in a post-dinner show.

Sunday Playdate Photos

35 new photos have been posted, primarily of today’s playdate at Nora’s with Kate and Sammy, along with Bekki’s Harry Potter themed cupcakes.

Contact us directly for print sized versions.

The Talented Mr. Andrew

Not that Will isn’t talented, it’s just that Andy has started doing all of these fun things as of late plus I got them on video, so he gets the entry.

Just Another Night at the Lyon House

There’s been a marked increase in wrestling behavior ’round these parts. I’m not quite sure what to do about it, but I figure filming it is a good first step. I particularly enjoy how polite Andrew is with his pleading.

Photo Catchup

We’ve been neglecting you all, so we’ve posted 28 new photos from March-June. Included are parks, Sharks PJs, a buckethead and Will’s road rash.

Contact us directly for print versions.

Video Catchup

Bekki posted two videos that didn’t end up here, so here they are if you missed them.

Pre-Bed Energy Burn – June 12 2010

Disney World Wrap Up – April 2010