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What Happens When You’re Locked in the Same Room…All Day

Gratuitous video, in case you wondered what playtime looks like.  It also shows you the poofy hair stage. Both of them had this totally poofy spot on the top of their heads for about 3 days. I found the shot of Andy at the end particularly endearing. Melts your heart.

As an aside, we actually escaped from the playroom yesterday and made it out to open gym at Gymboree with a number of other twins and their moms. It was quite a rockin’ good time. Will nearly got stuck in a bucket. The boys were AMAZED by the bubbles and the multidues of 2 year olds that could actually walk…and climb….and not drool gallons upon themselves.

Also, I feel like crawling could be just around the corner. Of course, neither child has any desire to sit up for any length of time, and instead chooses to fling themsleves upon the floor in order to beat their brother to the nearest toy. Because why would they choose to do something useful (like sitting calmly and peacefully for long periods of time) when they have the option to carouse around the playroom. Not these two.

Ha Ha, More Videos

See I promised. All video, all the time. We have two for your viewing pleasure.

1) Andy yells. He yells a lot. This is a minute and a half of yelling. Now multiply that by about 400 to estimate about how much yelling I’m blessed to hear in a day.

2) We have cleaned out the new playroom (aka the downstaris living room) and let the boys loose. The music covers up my incessant ramblings of “Oh, do you want the ball? Look at you go! You are such cute babies!” and an incredibly loud crinkly sound from the empty baby wipe package (their most favorite toy). (It’s the Snoopy version of the song, in case you were wondering. I know, travesty.) (Can I use any more parentheses?) (Maybe)

Rock Band Star Already?

Ah, self-indulgent video of my children. That’s what this blog will soon become.

Presenting Will demonstrating his AWESOME drum and singing skills. All while covered in crackers. That takes talent.

In food related news, recent favorites include zucchini, mango, blueberries and Baby Mum Mums (rice crackers that star in the above video). In semi-food related news, the boys are now able to sit in the grocery cart sans infant car seats. Which is a great thing considering we had to retire the infant car seats, due to the aforementioned food consumption. The babies are approaching giant status.

I Think This May Not Be A Good Thing

Mobile boys. I think that’s all I have to say to elicit fear in most parent’s minds. I offer video proof of their impending world domination:


And no, I have no idea what prompted Andy to mimic a cow chewing cud. But it’s pretty funny.

I forsee much video in the near future, as my super spiffy Flip video camera came today, and it’s great fun. The video editing software it comes with is so unbelievably easy to use. Lots and lots of video montages await.

Yesterday, in the Lyon House

Except there were two. And they don’t have British accents….yet. Thank goodness for baby crack, oops I mean, teething tablets.

eta: Adam informs me that Stewie, in fact, does not have a British accent. Whatevs. Teething still sucks.