Pay to Play, or How to Buy an Album for $75,000

This may be the coolest thing yet. Go read it and come back. (You can scroll past all the paragraphs and just look at the “menu” if you’re lazy. And I know you are.)

(If you’re lazy and lost, Josh Freese has drummed for Nine Inch Nails, is in A Perfect Circle, is a studio drummer on tons of albums, and a creative mo-fo to top it off.)

At first I was going to ask for $10,000 in donations (among other things, Twiggy, Club 33 AND a volvo?!) but I figure why not go for the full $75,000 — I’d like Josh to be our nanny for two weeks. (=

And I know Josh Freese isn’t a household name for the majority of people, but even still, $50 for a 5 minute phone call (along with a CD/DVD and a t-shirt) seems reasonable. $200 more for a signed drum head and drumsticks, AND a lunch date? Tempting, if I lived in Southern California.

It’ll be interesting to see what the album actually sounds like — I’m not sure if his crazy-ass YouTube clips are any indication. (=

I hope this pans out well for him and more artists start offering similar personalized stuff. I’m positive there’s a market for this even for small bands and niche celebrities.

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