Or approximately how many seconds the boys have been alive as of 9:32/34 this morning. That’s four months and two days. Adam yelled at me for not updating on the boys in a while, but it’s been a rough week, and I was a little strapped for time.

First some fun milestones:
1) Andy has rolled over, front to back, about a dozen times. They are deliberate actions and sometimes he gets this little smile right before he flips. It’s like you can read his mind…”I know how to escape from this!” Three of the rolls happened within seconds of me putting down the video camera, after waiting five minutes, because obviously he wasn’t in the mood to roll over.

2) They both have really started to figure out toys. Will is SO funny with them. On the exersaucer, there’s kind of a slot machine toy (three little wheels that spin, and each makes a different noise). The first few times in there, Will would just flail around and randomly hit the wheels. Now, he guns for them and can actually spin each wheel individually. Andy is starting to figure it out too, but he’d rather rub his head against the green dragon toy attached to the exersaucer.

3) They really like Baby Einstein. Now, I know that the APA says no TV until 2, but let’s be honest, that was not going to happen in this house. And 15 minutes of Baby Einstein, twice a week, while I give the other one a bath is not going to hurt them. The nightly hockey games….well, we won’t talk about that. Let’s just say I’m not winning any Mother of the Year awards, and they’re getting really good at craning their necks around to see the TV when we’re trying to feed them.

So, what happened last week? It was awful. They went from taking horrible naps to being up at all hours of the night. When babies don’t sleep during the day, it catches up to them at night, so we had two cranky, overtired, overstimulated babies. For a couple nights, they wouldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours in a row (more like 1.5), but they were off schedule from each other, so I was basically up every 45-60 minutes with one of them. It’s sort of a toss up, get up more often or try to put two crying babies back to sleep at the same time. I’m not sure which is worse.

However, things have been much better in the last couple days. Napping seems to be longer, although they might wake up after 45 minutes, if I leave them alone, they sort of chat themselves back to sleep. They’re only getting up once in the night (Well, twice, if you include the midnight feed, but that’s on Adam’s watch, so I don’t care!). Usually around 4:30 or so, one will wake up. It only takes a minute to get them back down, so not a big deal. The other either sleeps right through, or maybe needs a little patting.

I think there was just a weird combination of things going on. Four months is a big developmental jump, which disrupts sleep. Their eczema was getting worse, so I think they were really itchy too. Plus I still think there’s some early teething going on, since they really like having their gums rubbed. We started using some hydrocortisone cream, as per the doctor, and that has seemed to help their skin a lot. Maybe once they weren’t so itchy, sleep was easier to come by? I don’t know, and I don’t know how long this will last, but luckily I’m not banging my head against a wall anymore. (literally)

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