Random Musings

Figured I’d slap a post up here while the boys are winding down in their bouncy seats.

1. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is as awesome as I hoped, though it’s not without its flaws (loading times on a DS game?). The real challenge will be to do something productive this weekend instead of playing constantly. I also need to not forget about Final Fantasy IV, I’m about 2/3 through it.

2. We redeemed our free Dr. Pepper coupons today. Thank you, Axl!

3. We got a light dusting of snow on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and stupid Waste Management determined that to be such terrible conditions that our trash won’t get picked up until next week. Normally, not a huge deal, but when you have a plethora of dirty diapers to deal with, and an already packed-to-the-brim garbage can, it’s not so fun.

4. I recently figured out that I had a Twitter account, though I have no idea when I created it. I’ve been throwing some updates over there, though I’m not sure why. (= (The same could be said about this blog, but we get at least a few family members checking in here.)

5. On Thursday night, not only was Jack in the Box out of Mini Churros (oh, the horror!), but QFC was out of Tim’s Wasabi Chips too. Tim’s Pepper Jack Chips had to do, and they’re good, but they are a far cry from Wasabi.

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