Apparently we’re raising the sort of boys who relish in horror movies and haunted houses. Their favorite game is something I call (because I’m so clever and witty) “I’m Coming To Get You!”

It involves them laying on their play mat, or on a blanket, and me standing over them. As I bend down, getting closer and closer, I repeat, in an increasingly excited and high pitched voice, “I’m coming to get you!” When I get close enough, I tickle them and laugh.

This NEVER fails to get them smiling. In fact, they get these cute wide-eyed smiles as soon as I start bending down. As I get closer, their little hands start waving around. And when I get to the tickle? They start rolling around and snorting like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

But today…, Andy laughed. An honest to goodness laugh. It was awesome. And then Will laughed, complete with a snort (Although it was with Adam playing the game), and it was doubly awesome.

Next thing you’ll know, they’ll be checking out the Killer Zombies Part 4 DVD, heading to the downstairs living room with sodas and chips and laughing their butts off at the poor cheerleader being chased through the woods. “Ha Ha, you bet they’re coming to get you!”

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