Splish Splash

One of the more annoying things about bathtime, well, the only annoying thing really, is figuring out what to do with the other one not being bathed. Nothing really holds their attention long enough, and even Baby Einstein isn’t always enough of a draw. Cranky babies are not easily entertained.

So, today, I tried to bathe them together. And it worked! Total win! Procedure as follows:
-Start the space heater to get the bathroom super warm
-Lay down towels on the floor
-Lay a towel in the bathtub
-Fill the tub with a couple inches of warmish water
-Babies go in side by side
-Washing commences
-A good rinse with the handheld shower head, as the tub is draining
-Babies are whisked out and wrapped in towels
-A good coating of Aquaphor, diapers and PJs and we’re done

Will loved it because he’s totally into kicking his legs right now, and I think he liked the splashing. Andy was a little more reserved (I think he’s suspicious by nature), but was smiling by the end. And I was super happy that it cut bathtime down by half. Because of this, I think we can finally use baths as part of the bedtime routine. The doctor suggested a daily water only bath, followed by loads of lotion would be good for their skin, but it was SO much work, I couldn’t bear to do it. Now, I think it’s possible.

The downside? The heavy, wet towel. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? I need to find some other sort of soft liner for the tub. Hopefully something that doesn’t absorb so much water–or at least is easier to dry. Maybe a giant ShamWow?

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  1. Alan Cima - March 19, 2009

    Suck my pocky!

    From that other lyon blog http://www.lyon-blog.fr/

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