Swedish Meatballs

I struggle with what to do with the boys between their afternoon and evening feedings (roughly 3 pm and 6:15 pm). They need a small catnap, but they won’t do it in their cribs. The bouncy seats have lost all of their appeal, so sleep is a no go there. I’ve been trying to use that time for errands or walks, because the kidlets sleep a bit in the car or the stroller* and I get things done.

Yesterday we took a BIG trip down to Ikea. We’re on the brink of starting solids, and Ikea has a ton of cheap, plastic bowls and plates perfect for the babies. Plus it’s huge and indoors, big pluses in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Trip was good with a couple of exceptions–

1) I’m SO smart, I knew exactly where the baby goods were. Right in the Marketplace, so I don’t have to wander though acres of “Showrooms.” I can take the shortcuts, and get what I need. Until 20 minutes of searching go by and I finally ask where to find the stuff…..Oh, it’s in the Showrooms? Where I KNEW it wasn’t. And now I have to fight my way upstream with a double stroller on crowded Saturday? Epic Win there.

2) And due to the aforementioned detour, Will pretty much had had it up to here with being out an about as we made our way back through the Marketplace (items in hand thank goodness) to try and find the checkout. And so he was one loud, unhappy child working through the maze that is Ikea.

3) Although he quieted down after some stroller swivels, the line at the cafe was kind of long, and I wasn’t about to chance it. No Swedish snacks for me.

In spite of the harder parts, we did get what we needed AND MORE! Finger puppets, anyone? The cuteness abounds. And we got a ton of “Oh, cute, twins” comments. One mom said I was brave. I think I’m just stupid.

* And we have a new, ginormous stroller. I give you The Bob (not the one I took to Ikea, since long and narrow is far easier to deal with in stores. This baby is for off-roading!)

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