…And One Fell Out

No, no worries. No falling around here. It’s from a nursery rhyme that I was desperately trying to remember the words too, because what kind of stupid nursery rhyme would it be if the only words were:

There were ten in a bed and the little one said,
“Roll over, roll over.”
So they all rolled over and one fell out.

Except those ARE the only words. Well, I mean you keep repeating until you get down to one. I felt better that actually remembered the right ones, but again…what a stupid song. It makes no sense. Ten whats?

Anyway, a couple of “milestones,” one actually related. Andy is now a rolling machine and as of yesterday can roll from back to front as well as front to back. He looks quite proud of himself whilst doing it too. He hasn’t actually linked rolls together, but once he figures out he can move around doing that, I’m sure we’ll be in heaps of trouble.

Will is becoming a pro at the sippy cup. He can hold it and drink, for at least a minute or two, all on his own. Andy hasn’t had as much practice, as the sippy cup is the fun toy Will plays with while Andy takes his sweet time finishing his bottle.

Both are also sitting up, pretty much unassisted for short periods. If I put them on the changing pad (which has inclined edges), they both can sit and play with toys for a couple of minutes. The floor is a tad harder, because they sort of list to one side and then fall over. Until they get tired, and all they want to do is kick out, which sends them flying backwards. They’ve been testing my reflexes!

Their 6 month appointment is on Friday, so I’m looking forward to hearing the stats. I may have to be buying some pricey car seats sooner that I had hoped.

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