4488 Hours Old

We had our 6 month appointment today (a week late, but whatever). Babies are in fine shape and hitting all of their milestones right on time. Shots were fast and only elicited a 10 second cry. We gave them a little Tylenol before leaving, so between the fact they’re drugged and the appointment was right when they should have been napping, they are now totally conked out.


Andy–17 lbs 15 oz (50-75%) and 26.75 inches (50-75%) and incidentally has one of the roundest heads the doctor has ever seen. His head size is 45 cm (75-90%)

Will–19 lbs 4.5 oz (75-90%) and 27.5 inches (75-90%). Head size is 45.2 cm (75-90%)

Adam asked if they were eating a lot and developed a pig nose, if that meant they had caught the swine flu. The doctor laughed. But it sounds like the general population has lost it’s mind, and the the doctor says they’ve been just overrun with freaked out parents, and the hospital keeps sending emails to the various offices, pleading them to NOT send any more patients to the emergency room. I’m constantly reminded how much the 24 news stations are possibly ruining this country.

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